Seek Permanence

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

A brand must fulfill fundamental human-needs to be valued, to be loved; they must also reveal who a person aspires to be. Whether it’s to become happier, smarter, safer, cooler, younger, stronger, creative, etc., significant brands appeal to both the logical and aspirational sides of our psyche. If your goal is to build a lasting brand, it is only by providing value and emotional enrichment that consumers will consider you as a permanent staple in their lives. 

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This blog points out the gritty realities of building brands in the age of hyper-criticism, big business, rapidly-changing technology, and heightened taste sensibilities. While there is no single journey to becoming a significant brand, this isn't about gloom and doom, quite the opposite. We will regularly feature the critical business and brand practices that can support Ambitious Accelerators toward achieving early success.