Design Unites

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

New businesses face many challenges, and the pressures to perform early-on can contribute to a “good enough, for now” mantra; not towards product development, sales strategies, manufacturing, or research rather design tends to be the loser in this fight for attention and financial investment. Short-changing the very quality that contributes to building significant brands, often results in a perpetual game of catch-up and results in lack-luster brands that enter the market and follow rather than lead. What truly makes brands accelerate are ones that from the beginning adopt a work mindset of “it’s not great enough, yet.” Ironically, I find such a mentality often coincides with companies that set high standards in design, and have a united, hard-working culture. By the way, these companies also tend to be the leaders of our time. So, new businesses if you want to get ahead from day one, build design not only into your product and brand but also into the ethos of your company.

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