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We were quite the adrenaline junkies in our former life; we led some of the top global agencies and worked alongside some of the most important Fortune 500 companies of today.

Now, we’re turning our need for speed and twenty-five plus years leadership in design and branding to help high-potential start-ups and emerging businesses strike success early on. 

Each challenge faced, problem solved, category studied, expert encountered, network developed, and experience gained has resulted in the collective insights, resources, and skills that we bring into every new business we partner with.

We don't fit into a tidy agency box because the strength of our practice is in our holistic composition and flexible work style. Whether our group is brought in as consultants, brand strategists, creatives, or simply as talent connectors, our collective talent is here to help companies maximize resources, reduce complexity, and drive down costs.


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We’ve been there and get it; all companies have unique needs, history, and financial circumstances which means bloated budgets and rigid scopes are non-starters for companies that operate lean or are just starting out.


Our view is that the best agency relationships today are those built as flexible and transparent alliances. At Run Brand Run, we plug into your unique organization to best serve your individual needs as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s for an informal conversation, as a part-time partner, on a project basis, or define as you go, we are here only to come in where you need us most at the right time, in the right way and for the right job.

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Full-service design

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Kathy Soranno,


Kathy has been in the industry of design and branding for twenty-five years. Much of Kathy’s experience has been on the front-lines solving hundreds of brand challenges for some of the Fortune 500 greats, Coke, Target, Nike, Pepsi, and P&G. 


Prior to working with “big business”, Kathy founded and lead Bamboo, a boutique design agency in Minneapolis. Bamboo was an instantaneous success and awarded “One of the Best And Brightest Design Firms in the United States” by Graphic Design America. Cutting-edge work that had lasting value that’s what her small business clients took-away from working with her agency. For Kathy, she took away life-long friendships, an impeccable award-winning design portfolio, and her passion for building something from the ground up. 

With Bamboo’s success under her belt and entrepreneurial tenacity by her side, Kathy helped lead other larger, more diverse agencies following Bamboo. She was recruited by agencies to reinvent how they brought value to their clients' businesses. Kathy helped lead large multi-disciplinary strategic and creative teams to solve complex brand challenges. Always at the forefront of improving her craft, Kathy recognized during this time that it was the combination of progressive brand strategy with significant design experiences that lead to the most effective outcomes for her clients. 


Now, Kathy is bringing her highly unique perspective, and a hand-selected team of designers, copywriters, and strategists into her new agency RunBrandRun. Coming full circle from her days at Bamboo, her new business focuses on helping high-potential small businesses accelerate growth through cutting-edge creative and strategic practices.