We are

We are a women-owned New York Creative Brand Consultancy committed to fearlessly and tirelessly pursuing progressive change. 

For us, this means focusing our skills and creativity to partner with businesses in bringing unmistakably positive experiences into the world.


As markets are moving faster, tomorrow’s players will be the ones improving the quality of how people live, work and connect.


As creative strategists, we work with businesses at critical stages to establish a narrow and achievable market position. As makers, we work to build tastefully designed unmistakable consumer experiences. 

We recognize that lean organizations are at a disadvantage from day one; they have to do more with less: less time, less money, and less specialized talent. From this vantage point, investing in design can appear out of reach for many new businesses. We believe our creatively-intelligent approach can be the answer that helps new and emerging businesses early-on to become the formidable contenders in the high-speed race for influence.

Our Capabilities

Organizational Transformation

Strategic Brand

Enriching Design Experiences

Cultural Transformation

Strategic Brand Development

Enriching Design Experiences

Our versatility in action

We advise entrepreneurs on how to market and launch new products and services with a focused purpose


We partner with marketing departments to strategically position brands and portfolios


We work with management teams to help build creatively intelligent organizations


We collaborate with our collection of creative talent to design brand-enriching experiences


We connect with in-house agencies to supplement existing agency resources


We link organizations to key agency resources


We advise venture capitalists on brand investments; to assess overall brand equity and viability